• Inspect Property.
  • When directed, collect bids from credible contractors for various jobs performed at the property.
  • Present bids to committee for approval.
  • Supervise contractor's work.
  • Inspect jobs when completed.
  • Board to authorize payment to contractor when job is finished.
  • Hire, orient, and supervise maintenance personnel with Board approval.
  • Collect monthly assessments and deposit in the Associations own checking account.
  • Receive and pay all Associations Bills.
  • Prepare monthly cash flow statements, including balance sheet, income and expense statements, expense detail reports, and budget reports.
  • Prepare Annual Budget.
  • Prepare Yearly Budget Variance Report for presentation at Annual Meeting.
  • Assist Board of Directors with other necessary functions.
  • File Year End 1120H Tax Forms.
  • Attend Association Meetings and Annual Meeting.
  • Notify Directors and Members of time and place.
  • Assist with the planning and preparation of necessary forms for meetings.
  • Responsible for receiving telephone calls from Owner's regarding requests, etc.
  • Handle all insurance claims.
  • Assist mortgage companies with necessary forms and information during sales or refinances.
  • Communicate necessary information to owners through memos and letters and warranted.

Rental Services

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